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In addition to our incredible knowledge and experience in our core service areas, we’re trustworthy, pragmatic, and reliable. We deliver the optimal enterprise solution for your business—without any hype or over-promising.

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The first step in moving your business forward is understanding your starting position. We can evaluate your current systems and processes, target areas for improvement, and recommend your best course of action.


Do you find yourself with more questions than answers? Is your business at a crossroads in terms of which technologies to adopt? We can help you formulate a long-term vision and create the roadmap for how to get there.


Looking to implement new processes and systems is always a learning curve, so we’re here to help mitigate your risks. Whether your chosen strategies involve the use of third-party tools or custom solutions, our experienced resources can help you execute with success.


When you need to move to a newer version of your systems, we help you navigate what can be a complex process. We bring your existing solutions forward while ensuring that you don’t lose critical functionality and your system operates as it should.


Perhaps you want to add features and functionality to your existing systems, or you want to automate certain processes. We can evaluate your options and make it happen.


With our specialized expertise in your solution, we complement your in-house IT team. We’re always here to serve as your back-up if and when you need us—we’ll never leave you hanging.


In recent years, the EPM/CPM space has undergone many changes with the introduction of cloud-based technologies and the release of several new tools into the marketplace. With our domain expertise and professional experience, Tevpro can help you wade through all of your options and implement the right solution for your business.

We work with several major vendors—including Oracle, OneStream and Anaplan—to improve how your business functions:


On-premises, cloud, or in between, we can help you decide what to do and where to invest your IT dollars.


Whether you’re porting over from a different system or entering fresh into the EPM/CPM space, we deploy our technical skills to deliver truly custom functionality.


Still using Excel for critical business processes? We can build a robust solution for you that provides more controls and reduces your risks.


If the right solution for your business doesn’t exist yet, we’ll create it or customize your current system.

Tevpro provides full-stack, end-to-end software development by relying on our fluency in diverse technologies:


C#, VB.NET, SQL, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, Java, ColdFusion


.NET, ASP.NET, Angular, Ionic, React, Xamarin, NestJS, Django


SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, Essbase


Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle


What sets us apart from any general staffing firm or HR department is that we’re technology experts ourselves—so we understand how to find, interview, and select the best candidates for the positions you need to fill.

Let us dedicate time and resources to the logistics of hiring, so you can maintain focus on the core services of your business.


We can help you grow your team with direct employees (permanent or contract to hire).

Staff Augmentation

If you have a specific project to staff or a short-term need, we can connect you with the right contractor.

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