Software Development

Tevpro is a highly-specialized custom software development firm who designs and implements cutting-edge technology solutions for enterprise clients with complex business and financial reporting requirements.

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Software Development Solutions

Budgeting and Planning

Application Development

We design, build, and scale custom products for our clients to enhance business agility and seamlessly integrate mobile, web, and cloud environments.

Reporting and Analytics

Enterprise Architecture

We help our customers transform management and statutory reporting processes by aligning people, process and software.


Legacy System Modernization

We leverage our knowledge and expertise of microservices and cloud-based architecture to break down the silos and migrate legacy apps and systems to a more modernized, de-coupled infrastructure.

Installations and Upgrades

Business Intelligence

Become a data-driven organization by extracting meaningful, actionable, and real-time insights that help you gain a competitive edge and guide strategic decision-making.

Customer Support

Application Support

We offer ongoing technical oversight to ensure operations run smoothly and keep your current system up to speed.

Customer Support

Cloud Services

We specialize in analyzing, planning and migrating workloads to the cloud, simplifying management, reducing operational costs and providing a future-proof computing architecture.

Technology Stack

Ionic Framework
Microsoft C#

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Why your next application should be built with NestJS
Why your next application should be built with NestJS

Why choose NestJS vs C# or ASP.NET for back-end API development. It's wide plugin ecosystem makes scaffolding, building, testing and deploying applications easy for Angular developers.

Shadow DOM Support for Cypress
Shadow DOM Support for Cypress

Cypress now has an experimental flag to enable support for writing tests and targeting items that use Shadow DOM.

Four Ways to Transform Outdated Legacy Systems
Four Ways to Transform Outdated Legacy Systems

Legacy systems need maintenance, complex patching and alterations or else they grow in technical debt. Transform your outdated applications and modernize legacy systems with these simple options.

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About Us

At Tevpro, we are passionate about helping our clients by leveraging our combined technical expertise, deep EPM/CPM software knowledge, and client-focused methodology to ensure the right outcome for every project. From start-ups to the largest enterprises, we provide the ideal team of experts to consistently deliver software implementations, custom software applications, and solutions for complex data challenges that exceed our client’s expectations every time.