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We house Houston's best mobile app developers ready to tackle the most complex software challenges.

Mobile apps done right

Our Houston based mobile application development team will spend the necessary time with you to talk through and fully understand your concept, including business’ challenges and goals. Then we help you evaluate your options, including the pros and cons, and build a roadmap to bring your custom software or mobile application to market.

  • Android Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Cross-Platform Apps
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Progressive Web Apps

Android App Development

Whether we use pure Java, Kotlin or Flutter, we've built countless apps for our clients using the latest and great technologies.

Cross-Platform App Development

React Native, Flutter, NatvieScript, with so many options for cross-platform development we can walk you through the options and help choose the right path.

Progressive Web Apps

Sometimes a full-blown mobile application isn't necessary. This is where PWA's come in. Let us help you decide.

iOS App Development

From Objective-C to Swift, our developers have the tools needed to build clean, attractive, and secure applications for iOS and macOS devices.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid apps can save you time and money when it comes to developing mobile applications. Our Ionic and PhoneGap experts can build stuff in record time using the latest hybrid app development tools.

We build all types of mobile applications

We have an exceptional track record of meeting and exceeding our client's expectations when it comes to mobile development. Our technologists will help execute your vision and deliver customized, imaginative mobile applications that will propel you into the future.

  • App Development for Start-ups
  • Enterprise App Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Rescue Troubled Projects
We build all types of apps

Our approach

Our approach

Our technologists can bridge the proof-of-concept to development gap and deliver a customized, end-to-end solution that will optimize your business performance and provide the best user experience possible.

  • Information Gathering
  • Quote and Project Timeline
  • UI/UX Research and Design
  • Full-Stack Application Build
  • Testing and Deployment
  • Launch and Ongoing Support

Our process

Information Gathering

All of our developers are based in the USA. We'll spend time with you to talk through and fully understand your business’ concept, vision, and challenges. We'll recommend solutions based on our knowledge of what is technologically feasible and outline a development strategy and plan to bring your ideas to life.

Project Plan & Quote

We will prepare a project plan and quote that includes the proposed cost and timeline for building your mobile application. Our project managers will ensure the agreed project scope is adhered to throughout the development process.

UI & UX Design

Our developers will conduct the research, perform user testing and build out the digital prototype or wireframes to help you visually understand the web or mobile application flow. Then we create imaginative UI/UX design --tailored specifically to your business needs.

Application Build

Our software developers will implement responsive code on the front-end to ensure mobile and web compatibility with all devices and integrate the back-end build with any third party products you use. You will be able to install your app on your own personal device and interact with it as it is built.

Test & Launch

Our quality control team will battle-test your mobile app before and after it launches to make sure it’s fully functional and can stand the test of time. We offer ongoing maintenance and technical support to help your business maintain stability and plan for continued growth.

We would love to hear about your next project.

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