Custom Software Development Solutions

We are Houston’s top-rated custom software development company with extensive experience delivering high performing custom applications and solutions that propel your business into the future.

Engineering world-class software solutions

Tevpro is a proven leader in custom software development with over 50 years' experience building imaginative custom applications for startups and enterprises. We deliver cutting edge custom software solutions using Angular, JavaScript, .NET, Ionic, and open-source technologies.

Tevpro's custom software development team specializes in:

  • Architecture Assessment
  • Application Development
  • PoC & MVP Development
  • Cloud Services
  • Staff Augmentation

Angular Development Services

Our seasoned Angular developers specialize in building highly-scalable dynamic websites and interactive applications. We have a deep bench of technologists who are known for designing exceptional architecture and writing the highest quality code.

  • Application Development
  • Library Development
  • Architecture Oversight
  • Code Reviews

JavaScript Development Services

JavaScript development is one of our core competences. We provide interactive and robust JavaScript application development services for enterprises starting from requirement analysis, UI/UX design, implementation, QA testing, and integration of 3rd party systems.

  • Angular, React, Vue, Stencil, Svelte
  • Node, Express, NestJS, Fastify
  • Karma, Jasmine, Cypress, Protractor
  • Web, Mobile & Cloud

.NET Development Services

At Tevpro, we're huge proponents of building for the web and our .NET developers effortlessly build web applications and API's for the cloud or on-premise. Our developers have been building on .NET since its inception. We provide the highest quality .NET developers for your staff augmentation or project needs without the hassle of a FTE.

  • C#, VB.NET, MVC, Web API, Blazor
  • Web, Desktop, Mobile, Cloud
  • Azure Development Experts
  • Azure DevOps Experts

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Ionic Development Services

Our specialized Ionic developers effortlessly build UI components that display beautifully on all mobile devices and platforms. We provide the highest quality Ionic developers for your staff augmentation needs without the hassle of a FTE.

  • Cross-platform Apps
  • Enterprise App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Rescue Troubled Projects

Our approach

Why Choose Tevpro?

Tevpro is located in Houston, Texas and we believe in sitting down face-to-face with our clients to help you evaluate your options, including the pros and cons, and we’re completely transparent about any limitations. Our advice is realistic and free of hype—so when you speak with us, you’ll always get a comprehensive picture of what’s available and possible.


One of the Tevpro consultants didn't feel comfortable saying that a particular action might work, and he spoke up. Even though it may not have been what we wanted to hear, his honest feedback was so important and I value that honesty.

Lori H

Tevpro was recommended to us as "The guys that can build anything" and they did just that.

Jake Yancy

We would love to hear about your next project.

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Deploying Azure Functions using NestJS and Docker
Deploying Azure Functions using NestJS and Docker

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Helpful tips when working with Google Maps API: Geocoding and Places Service
Helpful tips when working with Google Maps API: Geocoding and Places Service

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Understanding AutoMapper and it's use in a NestJS application

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About Us

At Tevpro, we are passionate about helping our clients by leveraging our combined technical expertise, deep EPM/CPM software knowledge, and client-focused methodology to ensure the right outcome for every project. From start-ups to the largest enterprises, we provide the ideal team of experts to consistently deliver software implementations, custom software applications, and solutions for complex data challenges that exceed our client’s expectations every time.