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If you have a specific project to staff or a short-term need, we can connect you with the right contractor.

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Your trusted source for technology staffing and project work.

Maintain Your Productivity

Maintain Productivity

Whether you are looking for full-stack, front-end, back-end programmers, software developers or highly-specialized IT professionals, we can help you reach your goals.

Save Time

Save Time

When you need highly-qualified experts ASAP, we dedicate the time and resources to the logistics of hiring, so you can maintain focus on the core services of your business.

Save Money

Save Money

We are ready to supplement your staff, short- or long-term. Pay for what you need (and who you need) and avoid time and cost of recruiting.

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About Us

At Tevpro, we are passionate about helping our clients by leveraging our combined technical expertise, deep EPM/CPM software knowledge, and client-focused methodology to ensure the right outcome for every project. From start-ups to the largest enterprises, we provide the ideal team of experts to consistently deliver software implementations, custom software applications, and solutions for complex data challenges that exceed our client’s expectations every time.